Simple and natural ingredients

The guarantee for high quality gelatos.

Refined and selected raw materials, capable of guaranteeing the deliciousness and high quality of our products. Everything starts with the selection of natural and simple ingredients, without addition of preservatives or colourants. We choose with care and attention the best of what our territory has to offer, according to the seasonality.

We choose the best of our territory

The real
artisan gelato

Tradition and craftsmanship
for a timeless product

The deliciousness of our gelatos comes from the skilled hands of those who make little masterpieces every day. What makes the difference is the artisan processing of every ingredient. Tradition and craftsmanship for a timeless gelato.

The most important and delicate phase

Our specialities

Unique and unmistakable flavours

The fineness of unique and exquisite flavours, the result of years of experience and experiment. The heart of Gay Odin chocolate creates our specialities, like the very appreciated and loved Foresta and Ghianda. Quality, creaminess and sweetness for unique flavours.

The first
and only