100% natural ingredients

Quality first

The best product comes from the best raw material, that’s why we only select high quality ingredients that are 100% natural. We mainly use the refined type of cocoa called “Criollo”, which represents only the 10% of the global harvest.

We only select the best raw materials

Cocoa beans roasting

The most delicate phase
of the production process

There is only a brief moment in which the cocoa aroma and its flavour reach perfect harmony. It’s the roasting phase, an ancient method faithful to tradition: the slow roasting of the cocoa beans doesn’t compromise the nutraceutical properties of the grains.

Knowing how to roast the cocoa is the result of art and tradition

The secret of handmade production

In the hands of our best maitres chocolatiers

The secret of Gay Odin are the skilled hands of those who have been doing this work for a lifetime, those who recognise the aroma of every product with their eyes closed. The Gay Odin chocolate masters are real taste artisans: their care and attention to details make every production phase perfect.

Craftsmanship is
a form of love

Our special productions

Exclusive craftsmanship

Our special productions come from brilliant insights, like the two queens of chocolate: Gay Odin Foresta and the Ghiande. From classic and traditional to special and unique, every product by Gay Odin is a distinctive characteristic of our story, of who we are and what we offer to our clients.

Our strong points