Heading to Naples

A one-way third class ticket

Little money in his pocket and a suitcase full of hopes. That’s the beginning of the journey of Isidoro Odin, a young chocolatier from Alba. He’s headed to the Neapolitan city driven by the desire to experiment and to give unforgivable emotions and experiences through chocolate.

A suitcase full of dreams and hopes

The dream comes true

The first chocolate factory is born

Soon enough, success comes. In little time Isidoro’s dream comes true: his creations of mixtures of flavours and aromas completely charm the Neapolitan people. The big turning point is in 1922: the opening of the chocolate factory behind Via dei Mille.

Handmade, exclusive and Neapolitan.

The Maglietta Era

New management, same production

In the ‘80s the company is entrusted to the Maglietta family. A change of direction that not even the most faithful clients notice. That’s because the artisan processing method of the products is always the same, in order to guarantee high quality products.

Our most loyal clients

Gay Odin today

From stores to chocolate e-shop

A long time has passed from the small shop in Via Chiaia to the Chocolate factory. Today Gay Odin has 9 stores in Naples and stores in Rome and Milan. The online sale of artisan chocolate gives everyone the chance to taste sweet and delicious creations.

By your side for over a century